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Good stuff but a sticking plaster fix ...

... as we will need fibre eventually. Wifi radio spectrum is a CDMA network i.e. it is a shared carrier so that if 50 people start using the same mast/radio/channel, and it has 50Mbps bandwidth, everyone will get 1 Mbps (simplified) which isn't likely to impress if they all want to watch the same footy match on BT Sport. Adding masts and radios and using multiple channels simply fudges the numbers, without solving the limited spectrum problem. It just kicks it down the road.

Something is better than nothing, so the effort is to be applauded. Just like the VDSL network our government and Openreach have deployed under the "Superfast" nomenclature, its carrier capability is extremely limited in comparison to a physical fibre optic cable. It is also regret spend, as both VDSL and Wifi will not assist materially with deployment of the fibre we will need to everyone's property to embrace the opportunities of the future.

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