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Location, location, location

Depends of course where the church is located. In a delightful dingle in the Cotswolds with hills all around, it'll help but it's limited. In the Fens it would give coverage for miles.

Which reminds me of a lovely tale, no IT angle. A friend was wandering around the Fens looking at old churches (as one does) and came across a spot in the middle of nowhere (basically, that's the definition of the Fens) with two massive churches next door to each other, and nothing else to be seen. While wandering around he's approached by wizened old grave-digger or similar who grins toothlessly and says "Aaar, bet yous wonderin why there's two churches here next to each other." "Yes, I was" "That's acos the third one burnt down!"

Seems the 3 churches were all built together as they were on the only bit of raised, dry land in the three parishes, which happened to be at the point where they all met.

So which one gets the mast?

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