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James Damore's labor complaint went over about as well as his trash diversity manifesto

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The offensive, adversarial and generally illogical comments.

Seem to fit the reported Google culture quite nicely.

Regardless of science (not that any commentards seem to have summoned any) two things seem obvious.

(1) Damore was hounded out at least partly as a result of the malicious publication of an internal discussion. If the paper was grounds for dismissal it should have been passed to management for action. Instead it was leaked with the intent of punishing and publicly humiliating Damore. Despite this the perpetrator was not fired. I do not believe whistleblower protection applies in this case.

(2) The culture as exposed is very probably not attractive to or supportive of intelligent, balanced and motivated women. Whatever his chain of logic he nailed that one.

Oh, and is the term "ad hominem" gender sensitive?

Oh, and don't email anyone anything you wouldn't want to see in the evening news and/or court.

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