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@ "In general to get someone to kill other people as a matter of course they need to believe the victims are "other" ", well "it is okay to kill them they are not human like us" does make it easier to override society's training against murder but killing is something that humans do and have done since before we evolved from "animals". Otherwise it would not be necessary to put "do not kill" as a rule for tolerant societies and include it in Bible etc.

So since people can and will kill then without society making killing and violent behaviour seens as abhorant then it will become acceptable. That people enjoy violence in entertainment shows that there is an innate attraction.With this in mind, it is clear that tolerance of violence in any form dilutes societies teachings but unltimate hmans are violent.

So yes violence in video games, TV, movies all conflict with the message society is trying to have accepted i.e. don't kill people. That being said, humans are able to hold conflicting idiologies and attempt to live by them even though they are mutually exclusive. So on the one hand we have societies need for stablity and a feeling of safety against the fact that not all societies put the the same value on sanctity of human life and not every individual accepts societies teachings to the same degree.

Ultimately you can either accept that humans are violent by nature and control the damage possible when an individual lashes out or you can attempt to pretend that people are all good/bad as extremes and ignore the problem so it keeps biting you in the ass when reality doesnt coincide with your ideals.

All humans have the potential to kill, society can control this tendancy with, per individual, levels of success but if you want to stop people killing each other then that would require radical change to the breed.

So on the question of why there are more killings by guns in the US then there is no question that it is directly related to the availiblity of firearms, exposure to the idea that violence in any form is okay (standing armies, "killing in self defence", media presenting violence as entertainment, societies use of violence as a punishement, violence in parenting and any druf that reducues the individuals ability to suopress violence tendancies) however if you were able to clamped down on violence completely and even quietly dispose of the individuals with the highest tendencies for violence it would still exist albeit in a much more limited form simply because it is who we are.

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