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so don't use a single wartime anecdote to rebut a different trend. Outliers exist.

First of all. That "wartime anecdote" happens to be a whole regiment. In fact 3 regiments and members of these hold the top positions in the allied combat sortie numbers table. By a ridiculously large margin. That is one matushka (*) of an outlier (pun intended).

Second, while the actual hiring stats of Russian missile command are classified, I know it first hand that they have women attending the radar screens especially at large stationary installations. I know people who used to work in that outfit personally and they happen to be of the "outlier" gender. How many and what is the ratio - no idea and it is not a question I would ask.

So going back to your outlier statement. Let's take it at face value. This gives us a very entertaining scenario - an outlier and anecdote is being used by one of the two major nuclear powers to determine hiring policy of people directly responsible for data which is used for a launch decision.

Let's continue down this line of reasoning shall we? So it being the outlier, let's say whichever Natashka is in charge of the console of the Voronezh radar at Armavir tonight freaks out as she is incapable of handling stress you know. This is what our favorite troglodyte moron and his SocioBiological baboon troop claim based on "scientific evidence".

If they are right - that is happy glowing in the dark for all of us you know.

The fact that we are not glowing for many years running IMHO proves they are wrong.

(*)The lady I used as an example while holding the one-night record in number of bombing sorties is actually 4th I think in the overall numbers. There are several before her with numbers in the 900+ range

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