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Controversial bro-grammer James Damore

"Therefore, the employer did not violate Se3ction 8(a)(1) of the act" ref

Jayme Sophirs advice to the board was incorrect:

8(a)(1): "you may not .. Threaten employees with adverse consequences if they engage in protected, concerted activity. (Activity is "concerted" if it is engaged in with or on the authority of other employees"

Damore was invited to contribute his views to an internal Google discussion forum. The moderator of which subsequently leaked the memo to the Internet and got him fired. A clearer example couldn't have been made that there is indeed an atmosphere of intolerance at google for those still holding hetero-normative views. There is however room for furries and yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin. What this 'controversial' issue is really about is that Damore was hounded out of Google for being white, male, heterosexual and conservative.

ps: to the editors: the general tone of that article is offensive and unprofessional and it does lower the tone of the place.

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