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Guns should be almost totally banned

For the vast majority of people, there is no good reason to have a gun. The UK changed its gun laws substantially after massacres in Hungerford and Dunblane (e.g. see ). Farmers can still get shotguns and there are some rifles for hunting. But, for example, the laws recognise that no typical citizen should be allowed a handgun.

These changes seem to have helped - at least somewhat - as one would expect. And the only down-side is so minor it can be ignored (some people who liked hand-gun shooting, as a sport, were disappointed).

Arguments such as home defence have no real force. Obviously, I would be annoyed and/or terrified if someone stole my posessions or attacked me in my home. If I had a gun, I might be tempted to point it at them and there's some chance it would go off. Would that make things better? No - instead of a burglary, we'd end up with a burglary and a shooting.

Why the USA still has so many guns is mysterious to me, and distressing. Depending on how one parses the sentence in the Constitution, there's not even - necessarily - a constitutional right for individuals to bear firearms.

There's presumably a separate, valid discussion to be had about video games. But it's not "either or". I'm sure plenty of shootings are done by people who don't play video games much.

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