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I missed one more thing just to stick the final nails into the coffin of this once and for all.

There are women who did and lived to 82 years old after that..

For a comparison basis - my mother's step-father was subjected to a similar level of stress in WW2. He is one of the possibly less than a few hundred submariners in the allied fleet who has fought the whole war from day one to May 1945. He was literally attached to the bottle after that and barely made it into his 60-es. He was not the only one too. All of them ended up with what we would call today PTSD. Similarly the lady I referred to in the previous paragraph was not the only one to have a career after the war and live into her 80-es. PTSD? "Sure, I heard of it, it is for someone else".

So my only thought when someone says something about stress tolerance being lower in women is: "You are so full of shit mate, you need to be carted out on a farmer truck to the place where manure is left to ferment before it is put to good use".

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