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According to the Guardian's article, Damore actually studied computational biology, which appears to be a math/stats-focused major (so, likely more male-dominated) separate from actual biology.

(Note: I'm not ranting at you with the below, just jumping off from your mention of his supposedly being autistic.)

It's also not clear whether he's actually on the autistic spectrum or not. The Guardian claimed he was diagnosed in grad school, but Damore later said first that he was just "likely" autistic, then later that he'd just mistakenly believed that a while ago. AFAICT, his interviews only ever mention 2-3 relevant traits, but they're also found in non-autistics.

All I can say is that while the Guardian was doing Damore a favor by casting him as an innocent underdog, it definitely wasn't doing the non-jerkish majority of autistics a favor by reinforcing the old "auties are geeky arseholes" stereotype. Damore's beliefs & insistence that they're "the truth" are both the result of him being a hardcore MRA Red-Pill Libertarian, not because he's theoretically autistic.

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