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James Damore's labor complaint went over about as well as his trash diversity manifesto

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@NerryTutkins, thank you that explained a great deal of what went wrong and why Damore did what he did. Many people who know those with his sorts of fundamental issues know that while they are not fun the other part of the word after the 'da' can appear to apply in spades. One I know will come out with the most egregious things and be unable to understand that their view of the world may not be shared by others. Once the 'bee is in their bonnet' that is the end of the matter they may not have seen the subject or read an article about the matter but they know instinctively that you are wrong.

Some will never be able to work, some will work for a while then blow up and leave economic activity, while others can sometimes find a niche and thrive. Your quote "all their failures are the fault of others" rings especially true in my experience of several real life examples.

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