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and the Science in his "manifesto" has been backed up by essentially the whole Sociobiology Community

If Sociobiology or whatever this bullshit is called at Harward is backing some of his conjectures like "women are less resistant to stress" it needs ejection out of Harward.

For being utterly unscientific.

If anything women are significantly more resistant to long term recurring stress. No man has managed flying > 900 combat bomber missions in WW2. No man in the allied forces has managed 16 combat bomber sorties in 24h. There are women who did. Similarly, in other countries (not USA) it is women who sit in front of the early warning radar screens. Not men. Day after day after day with their job being the harbinger of WW3. If that is not endurance to stress dunno what is.

There are plenty of other places where his document is complete and utter bullshit.

One comment on the article - while the man is clearly an arsehole and so are most of his supporters we should not drop to his troglodyte level.

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