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Vermont becomes fifth US state to boot up its own net neutrality rules



Here in the Appalachian mountains - well outside the SF bubble - the "competition" is a choice between the only wired ISP with slow and expensive DSL ($80/mo for 4/1 mbit), and satellite internet that costs even more and has nasty latency. From what I hear online, this is the norm, not like where the author is writing from (or Pai is mis-regulating from). We "little people" are getting really fed up with those who think everywhere is like where they are at the moment. One size does not fit all.

Concern for "driving customers to competitors" is a laughable idea. The big boys, who don't even come here, have pointed out to various federal agencies that they don't poach on one another's territories as is, and it's the rare place, like San Francisco - where there is any choice at all.

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