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Thanks to the wording of the CMA 1990 being wider than Marlon Brando during national pizza week it is a criminal offence to possess or supply tools that may reasonably be believed to be used to commit an offence under the equally widely defined sections 1-3.

So yeah, he was always likely to lose that case. He doesn’t appear to be the most beneficial guy to society, but given that selling knives to 16 year olds gets you a maximum of 6 months in clink, 2 years for selling SaaS seems a little odd. Ofc knife crime tends to disproportionately affect poorer people, whereas tech crime is more likely to affect white guys with money.

I’m not saying I feel sorry for the guy, but he picked the wrong potential victims. Should have targeted foreigners/women/the poor/etc if he didn’t want to get a birching :/

PS - who’s got a Kali install?... get your excuses/defence ready

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