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Microsoft's Windows 10 Workstation adds killer feature: No Candy Crush

Nate Amsden

I too am waiting, maybe by 2020 or 2021 it will have stabilized some(am not holding my breath though).

To-date my windows 10 usage has been limited to about 1-2 hours(Windows 8 limited to a few minutes). I generally use Linux as desktop/laptop though I do have a windows 7 VM I do a lot of stuff in for work(even use Outlook on occasion and Visio). Also dual boot to windows 7 for a couple of games(few times a year). I have had my fair share of use of Windows 2012 though which was pretty bad, classic shell helped some there.

Agreeing with most of the others, the UI was good enough a long time ago(same goes for Linux I use Mint+MATE now (since switching from Ubuntu 10.04 LTS years ago which has maintained the same GNOME 2.x ish UI for the past decade or more for me if it can go another decade with the stable UI I will be happy).

I timed my recent laptop purchase(about 20 months ago) so I could still get windows 7 on it (Thinkpad P50).

And yes, from Linux it was only about 1 month ago that I started having to mess with systemd, what a mess that is too. Drives me nuts (I wouldn't care if I didn't have to mess with it).

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