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Adrian 4,

It is true that you'll often post an argument and get downvotes but no counter-argument. I'm sure part of that is just laziness. I might downvote what I disagree with, but not have time to post. If I have time, and nobody's put my point of view in answer, then I will. Also, I try to downvote obvious bollocks, not just something I disagree with. But other people use thumbs as votes on the argument itself, which is fair enough.

In the case of your post, I downvoted it because you called people posting the opposite point of view to you astro-turfers. Which shows as little respect to their opinions as does down-voting a well-argued post. If I see a post calling people shills, I tend to just downvote it - unless there's something to back that up - after all I have seen what looked like Russian-paid shills on articles on Ukraine.

If you meant things have become partisan - then you may be right. As it happens, I never particularly supported Wikileaks. When he published the war logs and the diplomatic cables I didn't think they particularly revealed any crimes - and they were disclosed in a way that risked doing actual harm. I think he's irresponsible, and is in it for the fun of being a media star and a celebrity-hacker. The fact that he's accused of being a rapist and won't face his accusors, means I respect him even less.

I think some people who do support his Wikileaks project seem to have been awfully cavalier about the rape charges. Particularly in the early days when he was publicly smearing his accusors and lying about the tiemline of events that led to him fleeing Sweden. Something that came up in court cases.

So I could accuse them of partisan posting. Maybe this was becuase their first thought was it was a conspiracy? Or more likely because people don't like to change their minds all that quickly. I supect now that some of those people are even harsher on him, because he let them, and their ideals, down.

Finally, to go back to your point - I don't think it's a conspiracy. If you're high profile, the justice system will spend more on trying to catch you. Because it has to. Justice has to be seen to be done. I'm also sure that the Met lied about how much money it was costing them to hang around outside the embassy - and they probably overdid it anyway. The police might get lazy in cases where there's no scrutiny - but in serious cases (like rape say) where the suspect is well known, they're going to look awfull bad letting them get away. Plus this is an unusual case. I can't remember the last time someone sought sanctuary in an embassy in Britain.

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