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Re: Don't panic, "No exploit code has been released."

Then again, if your bank goes down the shitter because someone has launched a really juicy attack based on these quite significant hardware flaws, I suspect you will start giving a shit then. .... Anonymous Coward

Methinks really juicy attacks against banks based upon quite significant hardware flaws are in the public interest, given the fact that then might bankers give a shit about anything/everything other than themselves and profitable debt and deficit [money for and from nothing], and in so doing crush and crash those systems which are based/predicated on being too big to fail and therefore ripe for executive rape, abuse and misuse, both personal and corporate ....... which is where/what they are currently at, is it not?

And although not a significant hardware flaw, the likes of a Bitcoin virtual currency mine is something which successfully challenges fiat currencies earlier monopoly position in the field of transferable value reflecting a systems friendly supportive worth?

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