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By 'pro-politics' I mean those who are more supportive of the machinations of governments than they are of basic freedom. Perhaps pro-politician would have been a better name.

I think people are indeed sick of the bugger. His personal life is hard to defend. He is, after all, a publicist : drawing attention to himself is what he's aiming to do. But what's happening is that he's being intentionally targeted as a person in order to detract attention from the outrages he publicised. Ad hominen attacks rather than reasonable debate.

Look at the voting - large numbers of anti votes for perfectly well-argued comments. This is not thoughtful consideration or even deep cynicism. It's the same mindset that we see in the partisan US politics discussions - vote pumping and shutdown of discussion.

Thank you for at least responding : I can respect a point of view while disagreeing with it. It's the thoughtless downvoting with no comments to back it up that I find irritating. I wish el reg demanded more of voters.

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