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Charles 9,

Although it would be interesting if the Ecuadorians were to take the Foreign Office to court over their refusal to grant diplomatic status to Assange. Ecuador having asked for it a couple of weeks ago.

The FCO sent them a note pretty much daring them to sue. The Vienna Convention seems pretty clear that any country can make anyone a diplomat, below the level of ambassador, and make that stick at least long enough to get them diplomatic privileges to enter and leave the country.

However, what I've read from some diplomats is that this isn't how things happen in practise. And letting them pull that stunt doesn't seem reasonable. However it's a far better legal argument than the crap Assange's lawyer tried to argue in this case. But I think it would have to be Ecuador that took the case up - and either their legal advice is similar to what I've read, or they don't want to spend the money. Or piss the FCO off more than they already have?

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