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"Admittedly they do have consular services, to help their citizens who get into trouble. But, they do not hide you from the police. If a Brit gets arrested abroad, the U.K. embassy will help them get a lawyer, and help their family to get money to them. Maybe make the odd visit, and try to ensure they get decently treated."

They WILL if they don't agree with the host country's policies. It's called Political Asylum. That's what Assange is exploiting right now (Otherwise, why hasn't anyone just stormed the embassy?). It's a historic and well-known policy. Made for such famous scenes as the egress from the US Embassy during the Fall of Saigon. OK, common crimes is one thing, but if the crime is politically motivated, then those same consular services can step in. And because of the give-and-take, defying political asylum can be grounds for severing diplomatic relations.

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