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Apparently homo sapiens is not intelligent

You would think that, quite apart from the ethical aspects of the matter - which I would never expect governments or courts of law to respect - human beings would have a lively eye to their own advantage.

Apparently not.

What Assange and his colleagues have done is to reveal to the public what their governments have been doing in secrecy. It was like lifting a large flat stone to uncover masses of disgusting bugs and worms.

So I would expect anyone who doesn't wish to be exploited, robbed, deceived and oppressed to be profoundly grateful. But it seems a large majority prefers to abuse Assange and call for his punishment.

Please don't forget that the crowd insisted that Jesus be crucified instead of the well-known robber and murderer Barabbas.

And the crowd demanded that Socrates should be executed for the unforgivable crime of trying to educate the Athenian youth.

Well, you have made your own beds: I hope you find them comfortable in the years to come.

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