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Yes, Assange, we'll still nick you for skipping bail, rules court

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We don't really know what his motivations are, but WikiLeaks is not just a single person. It is an organisation containing many different types of individuals around the world. They all aided in the publication of the leaks.

The quality of the whistleblowing and leaks from WikiLeaks have been excellent. Sources are often protected to prevent assassination or other concerns. As can be noted from the lack of denials from the USA intelligence services and government it would appear the Vault7 leaks, for example, are complementary to the Snowden leaks.

I do think more analysis and redaction should have occurred, but to judge by the quality of the leaks, regardless of our fluid moral analyses, they are top drawer. If you start to get bogged down by bias and WikiLeaks' manipulation by selective whistleblowers, then that's simply another thing to be analysed. Some suggest WikiLeaks should never have released a single document - can you imagine the state of affairs of our knowledge against our own governments if we solely relied upon newspapers owned by billionaires with vested interests?

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