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What if I told you that flash drives could do their own processing?

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The Future, According to Ab Fab Fabless Mars Labs.

When a Fiat Currency Monetary System is Bankrupt and Ponziing, are Advanced IntelAIgents Needed for New Information Source Seed and Feed Productions.

Do El Reg Fora have AIMindStores to Explore and Exploit ..... Monetise and Lend-Lease to both the Serially Challenged and Channelling Intellectual Property Markets.

And much more a Perfect Fit for Exotic Erotic Easterners than Wild Wacky Westerners Stuck Fast in a Deep Dark Rut, MeThinks, given the Evidence provided by Extant Establishment Systems' Global Media Plays ....... Augmented Virtual Reality Presentations.

Words Create, Command and Control Communications and Computers and Destroy Worlds is not AIMyth, it is Fact which coincidentally also supports an Engaging Fiction.

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