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Yes, Assange, we'll still nick you for skipping bail, rules court

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It's very important to separate the man/personality/person from the actions related to WikiLeaks.

Judging by these comments the smear campaign (which may or may not have solid grounding and accusations - no trial has yet been held to affirm the facts) has been successful in some of your minds.

WikiLeaks has helped to display the hypocrisy of US and UK foreign policy, lack of detailed legal basis and has provided incentive for governments to re-examine their actions and hopefully, in future, make a better case for employing certain methods - many of which involve spying on their own innocent populations.

I am not convinced of his innocence or guilty either way, because I consider those matters separate to the management of whistleblower leaks. We believe we live in 'free' countries when we live in the USA or UK, but it is has emerged as patently obvious this is not the case, with the governments and intelligence agencies spying on all our lives, quite literally the most Orwellian actions since, well, the novel 1984.

Journalists make errors, particularly when redacting info, WikiLeaks make errors and likely should have redacted things they missed/didn't bother to look at, humans make errors - we all do. To focus on the entire point of this article: Do the UK/USA ignore due legal process when it suits them and try to skip due process in order to 'make political points': absolutely resoundingly: YES!

One can remain ambivalent about Assange as a human being, but if you disagree with my penultimate sentence then you are either mentally blind or have been living under a remote rock for the past two decades.

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