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Yes, Assange, we'll still nick you for skipping bail, rules court

Faceless Man

I remember an interview Assange gave many years ago, long before all this started. In it, he compared himself to Tony Fitzgerald, QC, of the eponymous Royal Commission into corruption in the Queensland Police and Government.

For people who were living in Queensland at the time, like myself and Julian Assange, Tony Fitzgerald represented a kind of folk hero who cam into town, kicked all the corrupt officials out of office, and instigated massive changes in the government and police force. I don't see Julian Assange doing anything like that, although I will grant that he could have a worse ideal to live up to.

I'll admit I must have missed the bit where Tony Fitzgerald had unprotected sex with a sleeping woman, holed himself up in an embassy to avoid extradition on rape charges, and then complained about how his self-imposed exile was ruining his health.

Julian, if you're reading this, if living in the Ecuadorian embassy is really causing you this much distress, then you can solve all those problems in one easy step. In fact, I'm sure the Home Office will more than happily help you get the health care you so desperately need.

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