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Why would Trump want to see Assange arrested? Wikileaks only leaked stuff about Hillary, there haven't been any leaks from the Trump administration on their site. Which is quite amazing, considering how leaky the Trump administration has been to everyone else...

The interesting question in my mind is whether Wikileaks was a (mostly?) unwitting pawn in the Trump/Russia discussions (won't call it collusion yet as that remains to be proven) over releasing emails that make Hillary look bad, or they took an active part. Clinton has had it in for him ever since the state department cable leak when she was SoS, and so he had reason not to want to see her become president. You could understand his fear of extradition if she was president, but why with Trump when hardly any US citizens give a damn what happens to Assange?

After all, Trump "loves Wikileaks", arresting its founder would seem to be counterproductive - he has no way of knowing if they have received something incriminating on him that they've been sitting on. Why take the risk of poking the bear?

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