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Re: What would happen if Assange stepped out ?

Not only have Sweden not dropped the charges against him, they haven't even charged him.

They can only charge him after he attends a formal interview at a Swedish police station. And he fled the country the evening before that appointment was made. Then fled UK jurisdiction a week before he'd lost his last appeal and was due to be sent back there.

They've stopped pursuing the case. If he turns up in a UK police station, all they need do is cross out the charges that have passed the statutue of limitations, change the date, and re-submit the old International Arrest Warrant. He's over 5 years into the 10 year statute of limitations on the 2 rape charges, so he's only got 4 and a bit more years to go to wait those out.

If the US really do want him, they don't have a statute of limitations on espionage - if that were the charge.

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