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Your 100Gb of dutifully collected internet memes will store quite well on your lightning fast flash drive for as long as it is worth powering up. (And just for S&G, unplug that drive for 18 months and see whats there afterward)

Some of us have real storage *requirements* to meet.

Currently reviewing ..... 240Pb .... of DB backup storage.

We'll keep a month on the (twin, geo separated) backup arrays, which although they have great honking flash caches, are ... . oh look. Spinning rust. And the rest of it goes (duplicated copies) on pairs of tapes. With the storage facilities 1100Km apart. Why? you think we're dinosaurs for doing that? No. Because real enterprises have to meet legal requirements. Legal requirements with consequences. Usually financial legal requirements. In two particular cases in my scope, executives can and *have* gone to jail for not having the data available to the courts.

And corporate budgets are corporate budgets. Neither tape nor spinning rust are going anywhere for a *very* long time in many places.


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