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Re: Supporting Kubernetes is good, but how long for?

Whilst Kubernetes is very cool and there are indeed a load of companies getting interested in it, there's a bit of a looming problem that'll start hitting enterprises using it in the not too distant future... Support Lifecycle.

Go ahead, fork, a business-centric fork with 10 year support cycles ... shit, no, THAT was my idea!

If you have a customer on a 10 years support cycle it usually means they have outdated kit left right and center or MS software, and the business as such will vanish sooner rather than later ...after the n'th 0wnage ... some people never lean ... experts would be really grateful if you would kindly leave the industry, I heard they were looking for window cleaners and surface experts* .... in Hull!

* do note the lower case letters, there, NOT a typo ;-)

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