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A couple of Problems with your idea:

1) Convincing the 'Majority' to do this for the 'few' is a problem as there are advantages if you are seen to be 'supporting the Team' i.e. you are one of the few who do not complete the EOI as you are 'Happy' with your position (or so you will say if asked).

2) Completing the EOI gives IBM a nice big list of people to choose from. The Voluntary nature can quite quickly be changed to something more 'Involuntary', if you get my meaning, for the people *they* choose.

3) Often the few chances to get out with an 'improved' package are usually over-subscribed which gives the comapny the option to reduce the number offered as there is always someone who just wants out and will take anything that is going. Usually the number of positions that can go as Voluntary Redundancies is not revealed and the number is decided by IBM after analysing the received forms etc.

Nice idea for the Majority to help those that want to go but too risky for most to blindly go along with it.

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