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That's contracts for you, though. I've had a contract run out, get stuck at home for a couple of weeks before they sort out new paperwork, then it's a short contract, then because my agency isn't on the approved supplier list then despite having agreed my work is good, rates, etc, then it's just left to run out, and another time I've had a new contract agreed, rates, duration, etc, then it runs out and the paperwork still isn't there... the project funding is still up in the air and people are now away from holiday and there wasn't really so much a point they told me it wasn't being renewed as I found something else and waited to hear about the other contractors being canned from the project, too.

I'm OK with that uncertainty, to some extent - it may not be very professional, but you take the rough with the smooth as a contractor.

On the permanent side you'd expect better. Withdrawing an agreed redundancy arrangement tends to sound like a breach of contract, so you'd wonder whether they're leaving themselves open to losing employment tribunals - even if the person left if they'd been with the company for 2 years they could look at a tribunal case to say that IBM had agreed it and therefore owed them. I'm not a lawyer, but on the face of it I'd hope the legal system would be on the side of the staff in that situation.

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