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One will succeed and the other will fail

so... You designing a new 1U server and you have to pay a $25 per machine royalty to Intel if you use the Intel ruler or $0 for the Samsung ruler... What do you pick when designing. Will your boss or company be happy about paying Intel more for every server chassis you sell or not???

Think of the licensing for Thunderbolt from Intel. How well did it sell? How well did it get put on every system since 2011 with thunderbolt 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0? Well they had to drop the licensing royalties around 3.0 because nobody was using it but Apple... With USB 3.1 most users do not care about Thunderbolt...

So welcome to the new Itamium of the SSD/NVME world! Lets start arranging the chairs on the deck. ;)

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