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Barry Rueger

The New Normal

What's insidious about this is that they're training a generation of fairly young people, at an age when you honestly don't think about such things, much less the long term implications, to consider this as just a normal part of life. At that age I was just interested in two things: girls and beer, and possibly other substances. I wasn't giving a moments's thought to the wider world.

As with all of the on-line behemoths, the danger isn't so much that one club will have your data on file, it's that over the course of years or decades the data from hundreds of clubs, bars, web sites, libraries, and governments will be assembled to create a picture of you beyond your wildest dreams.

By the time you're at an age when you understand that the trails of data you've left behind might come back to haunt you, it's too late to stop it. Fifty years ago the only thing you really were concerned about was avoiding a criminal record. Now every single part of your life is being collected and analyzed. Us pre-digital oldsters can appreciate the dramatic difference, but if you've never lived outside of the data collection web you won't realize how dangerous that is.

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