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Persistent memory has been failing in the market for decades

Starting with IBM's bubble memory in the early 80s, the field is littered with the corpses of pretenders to the holy grail of byte addressable persistent memory. That's probably why those of us who have been around long enough were highly skeptical about XPoint despite Intel's hype.

Samsung's "Z-NAND" is just a fancy marketing name for slightly faster NAND. It isn't a new technology and it isn't byte addressable, so it is exempt from the curse. If Samsung is indeed working on some sort of new persistent memory as alluded to in the article, I will go on the record now as being HIGHLY skeptical. The track record for byte addressable persistent memory is so terrible that I have zero confidence they will succeed where many others have failed over the past 3+ decades. If they're lucky they'll find themselves a tiny little niche to carve out like MRAM did.

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