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Words and what they mean matter. At one time dictionaries were among my favorite reading material, Now. . . Well to quote Humpty Dumpty in Through the Looking Glass, "Glory!" (which he defines as "There's a good knock-down drag out argument for you" when Alice challenges him.).

We live in a post-truth Looking Glass world where, to paraphrase Humpty, words mean whatever the person using them intends them to mean.

Unfortunately, even dictionaries have become corrupted. They are dealing this by simply discarding long standing wording of definitions in favor of the moral equivalent of self-licking ice cream cones, to wit (to offer my own modest neologism):

serverless -- not having or appearing not to have servers

By tolerating this kind of insanity we are all complicit in the continuing degradation of the defining characteristic of humankind--symbolic language and our ability to communicate. We are effectively destroying our ability to relate to one another as human.

This will not end well for us.

Terrence Deacon in his book "The Symbolic Species" introduces Hoover, the world's first and only talking seal. Maybe, if Hoover's lucky enough to find a mate with the right DNA, the seals will do better.

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