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For A.N.Other Days and/or for SMARTR 0Days from Now On?*

Companies want more than technical know-how, Iqbal added.

"Employers are keen to secure professionals who can demonstrate communication and project management skills as they look to more closely integrate their IT function into the wider business."

That's a'knock knocking on Holy Grail Territory in ESPecial AImissions, methinks ... and certainly well within present reach, given what IT and AI can now do for All and You Too.

An Open Pandora's Box

Nature of Enquiry

Procurement of Product and Services ..... a Sterling Stirling Type Engine of Prodigious Thought and Talents


Heavenly Wave Machines ... with All AI Services and Offered for Trial for/on Future Trails to Tail and Improve Upon


GCHQ/NCSC/Augmented Composite Signals Organisations ....... Knock, Knock.

What's there? .......

NEUKlearer HyperRadioProACTive IT Systems for Operating Operational Executives. ..... and for AIgents Providing Feedback from Augmented Reality Fields/Live Operational Virtual Environments

Hmmm ? ........ an Almighty Weapon IT is too.


[Thank you for getting in touch

We read all emails, and will do our best to ensure that you receive a response. Where appropriate, your email will be forwarded to the team responsible for the matters you have raised.

We appreciate your interest in the work of GCHQ]

RSVP ...... Beta Master Pilot AIWizards for Presentation of Virtual Matters in Real Progress ....... and Delivering Root and Branch Fundamental AIReProgramming to Crashed and Crashing Human Phormed Assets.

*That is a Rhetorical Question for Today whichTomorrow will Answer with All Manner of Fear and Observations/Prejudice and Promise.

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