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Been bugging the boss for a raise? Now's the time to go into infosec

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Anonymous Coward

" Now I'm the boss and most of my teams are 20 - 35ish"

Lucky you

I was about 25 when I started 20 years ago , I've never been in charge mof anyone and I reckon I'm on about the same, interest adjusted, as I was then , despite being fucking brilliant at everything ive been asked to do, and doing far more.

In the last year or so ....

My boss left so rather than give me a chance at his job they dissolved the job , and shoved me under the next nearest "boss"

I lost out in supervisor interview to "the ex army guy" , who does not have 20 years experience in the exact area concerned.

I have convinced them to re-evaluate my job , and im pretty sure itll come back 1 "band" up , which will make no difference unless I wait about 8 or 9 years.

Its hard not to become a little jaded and/or cynical

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