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there are 2 ways to chase profit,

1) work hard and sell more thereby increasing revenue and the profits that it generates.

2) lower costs and sweat your assets.

IBM, HP have decided that option 2 is the way to go. lowering costs for them means swapping staff numbers in expensive countries for cheaper countries. They have not taken into account the value of their experienced staff and have decided that 1k experienced heads in the west is the same as 1k newly graduated heads in the east. They literally have attached zero value to the skills, acquaintances and customer relationships their staff in the west have gained over many years of working with their (IBM's) customers. the fact that all their competitors are racing to do the same vindicates their approach and changes the market as everyone is offering a terrible barely bearable service & the customer doesn't seem to care.

Once customers realise their competitors are getting increased revenue after in housing their IT, more will follow.

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