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And finally Cisco accomplished Software-less Defined Networking

Ok, so in the old days, you would configure a switch. Then you would run netflow to watch the traffic. Then you would use Cisco Prime Infrastructure to roll out changes and monitor compliance.

Now, you roll out a fabric, run tetration to monitor the traffic., then you run new analytics software to make sure you actually changed stuff.

So at which point in time does the software running on the infrastructure talk to the controller and inform the controller what it needs and then have it verified against the controller which then implements the changes as needed?

How in the world can what Cisco is offering ever be called Software Defined anything... unless you mean that the network administrator can use an external application from the network to upload a configuration to the network?

This is another great example of what happens when Cisco makes something awesome like ACI. Then Cisco manages to get beat out by something free and/or open source like Microsoft Network Controller, OpenStack Neutron or Kubernets. Then instead of dumping their mistake and making something that works awesome with integrates as a first class citizen with those other products, they start shipping more crap which doesn't work with the other stuff.

Ok Cisco.

1) Abandon ACI... it will never actually work. Your customers are simply making VLANs on them and applications aren't happening.

2) Work harder at integrating NxOS with the other products.

3) Quit the EVPN crap already.

4) Make a good solid data center switch that actually works with the other platforms.

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