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Been bugging the boss for a raise? Now's the time to go into infosec

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Don't forget the £1000 a year to get the required CPE to keep those industry standard certifications.

Public sector here and haven't had a pay rise above 1.5% in 14years. Have only got more money by accruing additional functions and responsibility most completely unrelated to my actual job

Infosec guys here are paid about 25% below what I can see as about average (and about 75% below anything with a London postcode). The perks which made the public sector appealing (pension, flexi) are all being eroded to the point where they don't really make much difference. Consequently everyone is leaving the public sector to go contracting with banks and no one is being brought in to replace them.

Expect headlines of a cyber security skills shortage in the public sector to be printed soon, followed by the Crapita's and CGIs moving in to fill the gaps, probably by bringing back the previous employees who left to go contracting.

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