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Been bugging the boss for a raise? Now's the time to go into infosec

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Two percent. That's not even a cost-of-living increase. This is what Globalization brings. It's the same where I work. Haven't had an increase that keeps up with the cost-of-living since I started there. I'm in the happy position of actually enjoying my work, but I really do wish the large Corp I work for would give us at least cost-of-living raises, but of course, they don't feel any need to do that. They do have money to buy smaller competitors, outsource once decently paid jobs to specialty companies (often owned by the same Corp Execs to lower paid workers with fewer benefits), outsource a great deal of work to other lower cost centers (I think southeast Asia now, India may be becoming too expensive or, at the least, not the cheapest place to do business).

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