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When offshoring happened big time I stated the (seemingly obvious) that the fall in quality would cause rejection by clients, like it did with offshored call centres.

What I hadn't realised at the time was that clients actually care less about quality and more about cost. If you pitched the offshoring deal as "same price" (not not "cheaper") vs onshore "more expensive" (ie price RISES) to the client, they took the cheaper option.

Clients care about their SLA's being met. Their SLA's being defined as a good enough service to meet their requirements and supplier cock ups are a positive financial thing to their balance sheets as long as it doesn't totally kill their business. The SLA and indeed the entire deal is "good enough" and as cheap as possible.

Basically, most clients do not reject offshoring, despite every person in the Western IT world knowing that its an inferior service.

In the same way as people buy a cheap car brand and not a premium one. Its good enough.

If you were able to find someone exclusively offering a truly gold standard service, I doubt if you'd find their order books full.

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