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I can only hope that's a bad troll under your bridge.

I've known and work with many outstanding women, and the wife is a far more skilled engineer than I am.

The difference between Porsche of old and new ... IBM of old and new ... Is that the old leaders were people who knew what the hell they were doing. They had a worthwhile, clear vision and worked their asses off to succeed. If you have that today, you will still succeed.

What's killed our great companies is the rise and dominance of a new human subspecies - the socialized sociopath ... What I refer to as the Harvard School of Management class. No technical skills, no worthwhile vision. Only known skills revolve around rising through an organization in a slithering, serpentine motion... Stopping just long enough to stab opponents in the back with poisoned fangs. Genders got nothing to do with it.

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