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Actually Marx did write the script. He was a pretty good economist with some inevitable 19th century short-sightedness but he forecast how capitalism would develop rather well. So actually did Adam Smith, but Smith didn't foresee large corporations. In Smith's day the largest corporation was public sector - the Royal Navy - with a host of small, dependent suppliers.

Where Marx and Smith went wrong is that the solutions they came up with - genuine fair markets on the one hand and socialism on the other - were immediately identified as a threat by the capitalists, who proceeded to attack them relentlessly - while the dystopia predicted by Marx was considered by the capitalists to be a textbook, not a warning.

Jeremy Corbyn isn't a Marxist, but these executives are. They're exactly like the CEO "Christians" who tell everybody else to follow all that stuff about doing what people in authority tell you to do, while conveniently ignoring that other stuff about rich people giving away their possessions.

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