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Workhouses and Sweatshops do not work

History of human technology has shown this again and again and again. A society which is more advanced technically will destroy the one which is based on large scale exploitation of cheap labour.

Starting with the Greeks and Romans vs Egypt, going through the appearance of machines in textile, the assembly line and till this day.

Moving a job to a low cost region is only a temporary reprieve, you are back to basics in 3-4 years time when the economy pressures you to make it MORE EFFICIENT so that more is produced by the same amount of labour. That is where the move to a slavery destination bites you in the arse. Slaver labour setups NEVER INCREASE their efficiency. There is NO known case in the history of human technology for this.

In fact, doing the move instead of looking at improving efficiency is an obvious trap - you are setting yourself for a downfall later.

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