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Twilight of the idols: The only philosophy HPE and IBM do these days is with an axe


I not buy any long lived service from either HPE or IBM.

Ive software from both, which they dont maintain - they have a bug list thats been increasing for the last 5 years. Not a single one has been fixed.

All sales calls are dealt with quickly - fix my existing issues and then we'll talk. Otherwise dont bother.

The HPE and IBM general fuckwittery of the lat 10-15 shows how a company can burn though its goodwill. There really needs to be a better way of rewarding execs - share prices is too easily gamed in a short time - 5-10 - at *huge* expense to the company at a later date.

Just look at the fuckup at GE - Jack Welsch was basically using long insurance fraud to game short term earnings 20 odd years ago. Now the insurance liabilities are landing due and GE is fucked. *All* the smoothed, increasing earnings were a total fucking fraud.

As far a labour arbitrage goes. It doesnt work. Or, at best, it only works for a very short time.

The only example of labour arb I can think of in the last 50 eyars would be when the likes of Czechlands and Slovenia gained independence from the USSR in the 90s. There, after a 5-10 years of extreme adjustment, the middle classes/educated population that survived 50 years of Corbynism sorry, Communism, were able to dust themselves down ad continue, socially, where they were frozen in the 1920s.

Other labour arb - India, Vietnam, China - just have not worked.

Once you factor transport and fuckups in, a lot of manufacturing is a *lot* cheaper in the the UK than China. This was not true 20 years ago - China was dead cheap. Labour in the Pearl River delta is very expensive - about 40% than the UK + US.

India. No, never. Had to pickup he fuck up of both sw and business outsourcing. I could not even lie to make the work look good. Everything about it was dreadful - typically anything you outsource to India will come back in 3-5 years time and you'll have to do it yourself, at great expense. Thats a short bit of multy mullion - andI mean that - advice there. Dont. Ever. Do. It. Ever.

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