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Trans-Pacific Partnership returns, without Trump but more 'comprehensive'


Here we go again...

Giving a duck another name doesn't cause it to not be a duck, but at least without the comb-over elephant in the room it *might* be a good idea. However...

Once again, we look like not knowing what the deals are until after the event and that cannot be a good thing. It keeps the general public/great unwashed masses in the dark as our supposed betters make deals behind closed doors. To quote the late lamented Prof Julius Sumner-Miller, 'Why is it so?'

Attention Pollies and Canberran Public Servants: We want to know what's in the fine print BEFORE you put pen to paper because <surprise> we might not like what you're giving away in our name.

The previous TPP was going to play havoc in the Media, Pharmaceutical and other industries. What this time?

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