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Re: Don't care about how their applications do what they do?

An excellent point about Lotus Notes. That tool allowed people to use computers to do their job. Say a secretary wanted people to fill out a questionnaire. These days she would write it as a word document with boxes for them to fill in with a pen and have them scan and email it back to them.

In the old Lotus Notes days she would create the form in Notes and email it from there. When the recipient filled in the form their data was automatically being entered into a table. The secretary could then see all the answers tabulated and could perform statistics and graphs with the data or put it in a spreadsheet.

IT has gone backwards since Notes was murdered. I did not like Notes because it was a competitor to my MS Access development work. It seems secretaries could develop apps in Notes but could not manage MS Access.

Serverless seems to be a re-invention Github but for the Dragondrop croud.

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