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@criagh yes, but you are doing enterprise work. Application development for commercial purposes. What you - and all the rest of the angry nerd mob of commentards are missing - is the part in my article where I very specifically said "It is the commoditisation of retail and consumer application development".

Serverless isn't going to replace traditional development for organizations looking to build their own middleware anytime soon. VMware isn't going to make their next vSphere UI using serverless. That's not where the revolution comes in. The benefit of serverless is not "helping highly trained nerds do what they already do better", despite the inability of the commentariat to conceptualize anything different.

Serverless is going to let people who are not nerds create applications that solve problems that nerds and commercial entities are not normally interested in.

For example: Let's say that i want to grow cannabis plants at home. (In a few months we can legally grow 4 plants per household here.) Cannabis is a particularly persnickety beast to grow. Much more so than the bell pepper plants that I have all over my house.

With serverless, I could take data from my house - images of my plants, or perhaps sensors similar to these - and feed that data into a black box up in the cloud. I could set the thing up so that if A happens, the plants get watered, if B happens, a fan turns on and if C happens, it sends me an alert.

Traditionally, if I wanted something like this I would have a few options:

1) Build something myself involving an ardunio (lots of work)

2) See if a vendor has already build a pre-canned solution, probably involving their own sensor ($$$)

3) Hire a human ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)

With serverless, however, I just need someone to write a "black box" that can accept some form of data I can provide (images, sensor data, etc) and spit out simple data about the plant in question. That black box does not, to my knowledge, exist today...but I am sure it will soon. (I could even train my own black box using machine learning, but that's another discussion.)

Essentially, serverless is a scripting platform allowing access to an ever-increasing number of "skills" or "capabilities", in a marketplace-like format. A platform I don't envision being used to replace super-niche industry development, but one I envision being used by civilians to automate and enhance their daily lives.

Application development is already a thing that is out there enhancing businesses that can afford qualified nerds. Now it is going to start being something we can use in our day-to-day lives to collect, modify and act on the data around us.

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