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'Serverless' the next Nirvana ....... form a queue here !!!

Yet another attempt to sell a solution to a problem you did not know you had.

The 'people who do' (the ones who make the money in your company & require all the 'Computers, Screens, Data etc that the Techies/Programmers provide and keep working each day) have always had a problem with the 'need' for a group of people who 'get in the way' of doing business and who take too long to supply whatever they need.

At regular intervals some 'Wizard' comes along and tells them about the new magic solution to all their problems. No more explaining what you want to people who don't understand, no more waiting for solutions that take weeks/months/years to appear, and no more people hiding behind 'Techno babble' when you don't get what you wanted (or thought you wanted).

Cue the next 'Magic Solution' ......... it will not work other than in a few very specific well defined cases as per usual. :)

What we will all experience will be another dash to get the advantage over your companys competitors, at great & increasing cost and effort.

There are NO easy and simple solutions that will eliminate the need for the IT Dept etc :)

Business solutions will not be able to be 'Simply' built with some sort of 'up-market Techno LEGO' set.

The first realisation will be when the first Prototype goes 'Live' and the SLA's sudden cannot be met due to 'events out of the control of the Company'.

At that point the IT Dept will get lambasted for allowing this to happen ...... ignoring that warnings were raised, by IT, and ignored as a small but acceptable risk. :) :)

Very entertaining to watch, ONLY if you are not the poor people who are tasked with proving its value in the Prototype Project.

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