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'Cloud' was in common use in my workplace in the 90's (and quite possibly before - I'm not as old as all that) well before it was being redefined, sprinkled with fairy dust, and sold back to our management.

It was the bit in a drawing where you stopped caring about the precise details - someone else's stuff (your network guys', a telecomms provider's, some sneakernet, whatever), represented by a cloud-shaped squiggle. You cared about the stuff going in and coming out but not about how it got from one end to the other - in fact remarkably like this 'serverless' idea now.

We all know we're being marketed at but that doesn't mean there's not a kernel of good stuff in this. I've worked in places where providing tools to people who knew what they wanted out of the data was really important - we did have developers but we didn't want them to have to be involved with things like "Do sales of product-x increase on the weekends following the mode pay date for for region-y? Is there any difference in the delta for men and women?" so they made the tools for the people who could formulate the questions.

Security will be a thing, but only the thing it always is; getting stuff done will be the driver and if this sort of setup helps get stuff done affordably then it will succeed.

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